One of the most common questions I get from new or soon-to-be vegans is: “What staple ingredients should I buy to stock my kitchen?” 

There are 15 kinds of plant-based staples that I recommend for a well-stocked vegan kitchen. And fortunately, I’ve already made a grocery list for you as part of the FREE African American Vegan Starter Guide that I created with Farm Sanctuary. Just click here or on the images below to download the free guide and go to page 20 for the list.

You can use the list as a general resource, but don’t feel you need to stock all of these foods in your kitchen, especially when food availability may be limited because of the pandemic. Just use it as a guide as you create or add to your vegan kitchen. 

In addition to the list of vegan staples, the African American Vegan Starter Guide also includes 15 great vegan recipes, along with expert tips on all aspects of how to go vegan. Check out the free download or order free printed copies here

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