Congratulations on deciding to go vegan! It's one of the most life-changing decisions you can ever make. 

I know that going vegan can seem challenging at first. From learning what to eat, how to get all the nutrients you need, how to make it affordable and delicious, how to plan your meals, how to eat out and socialize, and so much more -- it can all feel overwhelming. But don't worry, I've been there. And for the past 30 years, I've been teaching folks just like you everything you need to know to go vegan with ease and confidence. So, you can get healthy, feel great, and live your life to the fullest. It's your time. Let's do this together!


I'm so glad you're here!


This is my passion and my life’s work. I truly believe that being vegan is all about practicing love, freedom, and joy - not deprivation.

It was 1986 and I was a sophomore at Amherst College. Our Black Student Union brought Dick Gregory -- the global human rights activist and Civil Rights Movement icon -- to campus to talk about the state of black America. Instead, he decided to talk about the plate of black America, and the political, economic, and social reasons that most folks ate so unhealthfully. I was one of them.

During his talk, Gregory traced the path of a hamburger from a cow on a factory farm, through the slaughterhouse, to a fast food restaurant, to a clogged artery, to a heart attack. His talk rocked my world. Before then, I was completely uninterested in healthy food and had gained 25 pounds during my first year. 

After Gregory's lecture, I immediately went vegetarian -- and lasted for about a week. For the next few months, I read everything I could about vegetarianism (this was, of course, years before the Internet) and my mother and one of my sisters read them, too. We all went vegetarian together, then vegan about a year later.

It's been an incredible 33 years since then. I've gone on to become a vegan trailblazer (check out some of my proudest accolades below) and I've spent the last 30 years teaching people how to go vegan for life and love it. I know if I could do it, you can do it, too. And tt's my mission to help you get there. Let's do this together!

I remember the day my life changed forever...

My Vegan Story

• Featured on PBS Woman Thought Leader Series, 2019. 

• Inducted into U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame, 2018.

• Received Distinguished Alumni Award from Sidwell Friends School, 2018.

• Received Vegan Soul Superstar Award from Vegan Soulfest, 2018.

• Received Compassionate Vegan Living Award from Farm Sanctuary, 2018.

By Any Greens Necessary book cited by The New York Times as a key reason for the popular rise in veganism among African Americans during the last decade, 2017.

• Named a national food hero by Vegetarian Times, 2012.

• Developed plant-based nutrition programs for DC Public Schools Systems as adjunct professor at UDC Center for Nutrition, Diet, and Health, 2009-2011.

• Served as a health advisor for the Black Women's Health Imperative and created its first plant-based obesity prevention and reversal program, 2007-2008.

• Directed the first federally funded vegan nutrition program in the U.S., the VSDC Eat Smart Program, and received Award of Excellence, 2004-2009.

• Received an NYU School of Education Opportunity Fellowship and earned a master's degree in public health nutrition, graduating in top of class, 2001-2003.

• Co-founded the Black Vegetarian Society of New York, 2002.

• Co-founded Justice for All Species, animal rights organization for people of color, 2000.

• Co-created one of the earliest vegan websites, which was also the first vegan website by and for African Americans,, 1997.

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