Today I went to see the beautiful new Ida B. Wells photo mosaic exhibition, which is made up of thousands of photos of people involved in the movements for women’s right to vote. The exhibition will be at Union Station in Washington, DC, through this Saturday, and is also an interactive online website.

Ida B. Wells is my all-time shero. A groundbreaking investigative journalist, anti-lynching crusader, pioneering suffragist, radical activist, and now posthumous Pulitzer Prize winner, she was truly ahead of her time. (If you don’t know her full story, I highly encourage you to read Ida: A Sword Among Lions by Paula J. Giddings.)

The only thing that could possibly top what Ida B. Wells means to me is if she was also vegan! She wasn’t. 😉

But her courageousness is something that absolutely does apply to going vegan. I have long said that being vegan is a revolutionary act. In a society whose federal policies, medical and educational institutions, food industry, and popular culture constantly center meat and dairy, it takes real courage to go vegan. 

It takes profound self-awareness to eat healthy plant-based foods when most people around you aren’t doing it – and will probably question your choices. 

And it takes a true commitment to justice to go vegan to help create a more equitable food system, combat climate change, and end the factory farming of billions of animals.

So whether you’re going vegan for one, all or other of these reasons, know that your choice absolutely takes courage. It makes you both of your time and ahead of your time. 

So go on ahead with your vegan or soon-to-be vegan self! You’re a badass! May the world see you and be inspired. 🙂

Much love,

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