I’ve been teaching people how to go vegan for 30 years and I absolutely love it! And over the years, I’ve noticed a few common things that can trip people up as they transition to veganism. So here they are, along with how to avoid them.

1. Feeling Pain Instead of Joy

When people think about going vegan, they often focus on how hard they think it will be. They focus on the foods they’ll be giving up, instead of all the new foods they’ll be adding on. They worry about being different than their family and friends, instead of the beauty of their own personal transformation. In other words, they fixate on deprivation, instead of abundance.

To avoid this mistake, shift your mindset. My mantra is “Liberate Your Mind and Your Mouth Will Follow.” So view going vegan as an exciting new journey that you’ll enjoy. Embrace the adventure of this new path you’re taking and keep an open mind and heart.

2. Comparing Instead of Inspiring

Do you know how long it’s going to take you to go vegan? The answer is, however long it takes you! I tell people all the time that it’s not a race or a competition. Your vegan journey is your own. It’s great to read the vegan transition stories of other people for inspiration. But there’s a big difference between inspiration and comparison or competition.

Inspiration can make you feel excited and motivated that you can do it, too. Comparison or competition can make you feel deflated and doubtful that you can do it. It’s not necessary to feel bad to grow. So be kind and gracious with yourself, and seek encouragement and support from folks that will lift you up.

3. Giving Up When You Slip Up

This one is key. When you’re transitioning to vegan foods, it can be common to take one step forward and two steps backward. So you might be doing great one day by eating all vegan food, then the next day or two, you might slip up by eating meat and dairy. Understand that this is usually part of the transition process. So don’t beat yourself up and don’t give up. Just start again the next day.

And at the same time, continue to read vegan books and blogs, watch vegan cooking videos and documentaries, and get support from others. So that even on those days when you slip up, know that all the things you’re doing are still working together in the background to help you mentally and physically transition. Keep your eyes on the prize and know that you are in the process of going vegan and you will do it.

Much Love,

  1. rik albani says:

    Real and helpful guides.

  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you. I have been beating up on myself when I slip up. I firmly believe that this is the right and only path for me but I have been struggling. Thank you for the inspiration. I look forward to October.

  3. Cheryl Sampson says:

    These are some good points. Another mistake is to think you can recreated “non-vegan” food as vegan. One can get easily discouraged when you can’t get it to taste the same. It’s best to embrace all new recipes and all new foods!!

  4. I think a big mistake is leaving old names with your new foods. It keeps you thinking about your old diet. I dont want the word bacon or burger in my food recipes. Coconut bacon, black bean burger as opposed to Smokey Coconut Chips and Black Bean Patties.

  5. Yolanda says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and mentioning there will be slip ups. Today was that day. But with each meal, I’ll do better. I am excited to see where this WFPB/Vegan transition will take me. I do plan on attending the conference, but I hadn’t realized it was Saturday and Sunday. I’ve only registered for Saturday. Thanks again.

  6. Glorious Farr says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. I’m 63 years old and
    want to improve my health. So getting these emails
    really helps.

  7. Karen says:

    Thanks for this! Great advice. My mistake was being so excited about the change I was making that I dove into the world of plant based cheeses. I gained back the weight I lost after a 21 day program by this experimenting. Live and learn😊

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