Toss These Fruit Kabobs on the Grill This Weekend

Toss These Fruit Kabobs on the Grill This Weekend

by admin on May 25, 2012

Hey, Fam!

Here’s one of my favorite recipes for Memorial Day Weekend. If you’re planning some backyard time with family and friends this weekend, surprise them with some ripe, sweet, oh-so-lightly grilled fruit.

Of course, you can also refrigerate them and enjoy them chilled, not grilled. Either way, they’re deelish!

Fruit Kabobs

1 Pineapple, cubed

1 Watermelon, cubed

1 Cantaloupe, cubed

2 Bunches Grapes, mixed colors

1 Honeydew, cubed

1 Apple, cored and cubed

2 bananas, sliced

1 pack jumbo strawberries, sliced

Nondairy rice or soy yogurt (optional)

1 teaspoon of shredded, dried coconut (optional)

Place fruit pieces by alternating colors onto bamboo skewers. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Place fruit skewers onto a well-cleaned and heated grill, turning frequently on all sides for a lightly grilled texture. Or serve chilled with a side of nondairy yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of coconut. Makes about 4-6 skewers.

Special note: When making fruit kabobs for small children, place the fruit onto colorful straws instead of bamboo skewers and serve chilled with nondairy yogurt. Enjoy! (Photo from

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